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Dr. Anita Dix-McLaughlin, D. Div.
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Mentor and Transformation Counselor
Transforming Lives, Ministries & Businesses through Perception Modification
"The way you view your life creates your future."

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About Dr. Anita Dix McLaughlin

Dr. Anita Dix-McLaughlin was born in Texas, and grew up in Los Angeles. She states, “Having the opportunity to live in different parts of the country (Pacific, Central, and Eastern areas of the US) has given me an intimate understanding of people, cultures, and customs ranging from mega urban cities to remote rural areas and I feel it has been very beneficial. My travels (both nationally and internationally) have given me a wealth of contents and perspectives for my writing.”

Dr. Anita is an ordained  Christian minister and has studied under some of the most respected men and women in ministry today, among those,  Dr. Frederick K.C. Price (Los Angeles, CA) whose ministry she credits with leading her to the Lord and teaching her many of the foundation building truths that have been a hallmark of her current ministry.  

While in Texas, Dr. Anita was also a part of the Transformation Treatment Center Ministry team, of the Potters House, Sr. Pastor, Bishop T D Jakes. Now living in Northern California, Dr. Anita is an ordained Deacon in the AME Zion Church, and is an associate minister at St. Mark AME Zion Church, East Palo Alto, California.

“I learned that no matter how bad things get, faith in God will bring you through. I believe that nothing happens accidentally and I look for life’s lessons in everything I experience.” 

I have heard of a lot of different ways books came into being... for me it was as an outlet for frustrations I was experiencing. I always knew I could write, I wrote well in high school, and had a number of essays returned to me with a note from my teachers, asking if I really wrote them-- I DID!

When I got to college I found that my ability to write was also apparent, but I had no idea what God would do with my writing... and as always life tends to enter in and move us along with many unanswered questions.  

She is working on the sequel, Spirit and Truth.